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By Hey.Its_RJ
Main Highlight:
  • Shopping Carts
    >> Ready, set, GO! Race across the map in Shopping Carts. Find one in Battle Royale now.
  • Challenge Progression
    >> Know your goals! UI elements have been added so you can track your Challenges in-match.
  • Blockbuster Event Part Two
    >> Blockbuster returns with part two - A Hero is Born. Reunite with Ray and join the effort to save Spitfire. Part two of the Blockbuster Event is playing now!
  • VOIP on PC (Save the World)
    >> Communication is key. Talk to your team over voice chat on PC.
  • Turbo Build: Structures now build faster after the first building piece is placed.
    >>Your first structure is built 0.15 seconds after holding the button (unchanged), any additional structures built while Turbo Building are placed after 0.05 seconds.
    >>This fixes the issue that was occasionally causing a structure not to place when quickly building.
    >>The reason there’s a difference in timing between the first structure placed (0.15s) and Turbo Built structures (0.05s) is to allow additional time for players to switch structure type or rotate pieces.
  • Added a toggle for 'Edit Mode Aim Assist' ingame options.
    >>This has always been enabled for controller users. You now have the option to enable or disable this feature.
    >>Edit Mode Aim Assist attracts your aim towards the closest building square and partially confines your crosshair to the building piece your editing.
    >>Save the World and Battle Royale now have their own unique loading screens following mode select.
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